The Awesome Life

I just wanted to say that Sacha Chua is awesome.

Oh, you wanted details?

Well, for one thing, she means it when she says she’s looking to help people out.  I pinged her for advice about blogging, and she got back to me with some helpful tips and an introduction to someone else thinking about the same problems as me.  I also found helpful advice in her archives.

For another, I’m delighted by her thoughtfulness about work-life integration.  I hate the term balance, because the term implies work and life are somehow opposed. At the same time, work – even flexible, playful work like mine – has a different experiential and logistical quality from other parts of my life, which means integration is necessary. Check her post on protecting free time for a sample of what she’s thinking about.

Finally, I’m delighted by the story of her wedding shoes.  (Of course, I may be biased.)

Go forth and be awesome!

1 thought on “The Awesome Life”

  1. Awww! =)

    I have IBM to thank for the change in perspective from “work-life balance” to “work-life integration”. While we’re all still figuring things out, it’s good that it’s not just about work taking over your life, but also having the flexibility to find creative solutions.

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