Hello, Irene

Today I’m preparing for Shabbat and a hurricane at the same time.

The city is shutting down the subways tomorrow afternoon. But I’m used to being limited to what’s within walking distance, since that’s what every Shabbat is like for me.

We laid in extra food and drink as pre-hurricane supplies. But it didn’t seem like much of an addition to our usual pre-Shabbat shopping trip, even if we don’t usually buy quite so much peanut butter.

We checked our stock of candles. But thanks to lighting Shabbat candles every week, we had plenty.

We charged all our various devices in case we lose power. But we’re used to amusing ourselves non-digitally, with books and games and friends and learning and one anothers’ company.

Putting together our go bags took a while, and we’ll be leaving a radio on in another room so we can keep up with any emergencies, but it turns out Shabbat is pretty good preparation for Hurricane Irene.

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