Sleepy Games are transformational games that aim to improve sleep quality for players. Sleepy Games do so by targeting context and time-specific barriers that arise for players throughout their day.

Our core design values include:

  • Identifying the problem space through play and ritualized mechanics
  • Context-dependent, human-centered intervention-making
  • Improve the stigma of treatment, embedded design
    • More avenues to explore to improve sleep quality that isn’t just focused on an illness, cure.
  • Multi-sensory product design

Over the course of fourteen months, we reviewed the literature, interviewed stakeholders, created prototypes, and conducted field tests.

Through an iterative game design process and extensive analysis of our design artifacts and documentation, we identified seven cross-cutting challenges of designing games for sleep, and articulated the sleepy games approach to addressing each one.

For an overview of the project, see our report, which includes brief descriptions of our fifteen game prototypes.

To learn more about our theory and field tests, see our papers below.


Pusateri, J., Leng, J., Wang, Q., Chen, X., & Hammer, J. (in press). Designing games for healthy sleep. CHI 2020. [pdf]

Pusateri, J., Leng, J., Timczyk, J., Chen, X., Wang, Q., Shah, K. S., Jasani, T. K., & Hammer, J. (2019). Toward a design theory of sleepy games. Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Computer-Human Interaction in Play. [pdf]


Project Staff

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Summer 2019

Fall 2019

Adela Kapuścińska

Naomi Burgess
Jeffrey Chou
Nick Diana
Juliann Fields
Elva Fu
Ameeshi Goel
Karan Gugle
Tithi Jasani
Zixuan Li
Janine Louie
Kirabo Lynn

Xiangzhu Chen
Jeffrey Chou
Emily McDonald
Tithi Jasani
Judy Leng
Ruoxi Li
Arnav Mahajan

Xiangzhu Chen
Nicole Chu
Judy Leng

Nathan Barnhart
Kyle Barron
Matt Bofenkamp
Henry Chang
Tianying Chen
Nicole Chu
Wanling Ding
Melina Driscoll
Nabeeha Fatima
Brandon Fiksel
Man Jun Han
Chi Huang
Minjae Jeong
Joseph Kopko
Miheer Lele

Arnav Mahajan
Emily McDonald
Sasha Meng
Juliet Pusateri
Khushi Sanjay Shah
Melissa Shi
Jesse Song
Lilly Tang
Molly Vierhile
Cooper Weaver
Mira Zeitlin

Stacie Nam
Juliet Pusateri
Khushi Sanjay Shah
Jessica Timczyk
Qian Wang
Rocky Wang

Stacie Nam
Juliet Pusateri

Ember Liu
Paul Myers
Stacie Nam
Corina Paraschiv
Juliet Pusateri
Nithin Ravi
Michael Silvestre
Margot Stewart
Benjamin Stone
Elizabeth Wang
Yuchen Xie
Miaojun Xu
Junhui Yao
Congying Zhang


Many thanks to Philips Health for their generous support for our project.