What is co-robotics? As the video below shows, it is when robots work side-by-side with humans to accomplish tasks. Co-robots might appear in the workplace, as shown below, on the street, or in the home.

While there are many games that teach children about programming robots, there are none that take a co-robotics approach. The goal of our project is to help kids understand how players and player-programmed robots can work together to accomplish in-game goals. We’re doing this by developing a new genre of game: player-programmed partner games, or P3G, where the player both plays the game as an avatar and also programs a robot collaborator to work with them.

We are designing our games to work best in low-resource environments, where multiple players may be sharing one device. Because players have to attend both to their avatar and to their robot’s behavior, we think these games can not just include learners from low-resource environments, but actually plays to their strengths.

We are currently in the design phase of our project and look forward to sharing game prototypes soon!


Project Leads

Project Staff


Ross Higashi
Erik Harpstead
Marti Louw
Jesse Flot
Jonaya Kemper

Lee Carrozza
Todd Durant
Josh Jarvis
Thomas Luong
Vu Nguyen
Catherine Porter
Curtis Sobien



This project is generously supported by the NSF DRL Program, Award 1906753.