Game Design Studio
“Probably the most impactful class I’ve ever taken…. Always fun to go to class, always felt like I learned something, and some of the most transferable skills I’ve ever learned.”

In this introductory course, students learn principles of game design through play assignments, in-class discussions and group game design exercises.  Students are introduced to psychology and design theories as they relate to game design, and finish the semester by writing a design document for a game they would like to create using their new skills.

Game Design for Crowd and Cloud (“Twitch Plays Game Design”)
Course currently in progress

The cloud and the crowd are driving new ways for players to engage with games, from live streams of gameplay to massively multiplayer control of a single game. In this course, students will explore the design space of crowd- and cloud-enabled games. They will identify existing game design techniques for playing at scale, study games currently designed for spectatorship, and discover problems faced by different stakeholders (spectators, players, streamers, curators, designers). In a team-based final project, students will either produce an intervention that addresses a problem identified by the class, or design an original game that takes advantage of the crowd and cloud in play.

Course website is here.

Interaction Design Studio 2
“One of the best professors I learned from this semester…. Able to distill disparate comments/feedback into core concepts in an incredibly eloquent way.”

Students are expected to apply what they have learned in Interaction Design Studio 1 about design thinking and methodologies as a starting point for all assignments. Students will work in teams to perform guerrilla research, synthesize data, and consider the needs of multiple stakeholders in their design of mobile services and other intelligent systems. Design concepts go beyond user interfaces to include sensors, controls, and ubiquitous computing. Emphasis is placed on the quality of the students’ ideas and their ability to give form to their design concepts. By completing and presenting their work, students will gain skills related to professional UX design practice.

Course website is here.

ETC Project Supervision
“Direct and insightful advice coupled with a ‘yes and’ attitude…. After every meeting with her we were energized and full of new ideas.”

In these semester-long project courses, interdisciplinary teams of students work with external clients to produce a prototype. Students may be asked to explore a new design space, to develop a game for a particular audience, to use a new technology, or to face any number of other design challenges. Faculty advisors support student teams through their design process.

Projects supervised include Daedalus, Star Stone, Akili, EmotionshopKinetics, and SurThrive.

Other Courses

For courses taught at prior to arriving at CMU, please see the Course Archive page.