Game Design


Decade. Follow the lives of a group of friends who gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve together, each year for a decade. A table-top role-playing game that uses the Aristotelian theory of emotions to create and resolve conflicts.

The Weavers’ Daughters. Descendants of the Norns must navigate the complex weave of Fate, while protecting the world from the descendants of the Valkyries and the Oskmey. A table-top role-playing game of railroading and runes.

Gifted. A teaching scenario for the Nobilis table-top role-playing game, in which the characters must play a game with the fate of the world at stake, while running a five-star hotel. With Chris Hall.

Auld Lang Syne. (Holiday Cycle.) On New Year’s Eve, demigods and mortals gather to murder the old year and birth the new. Literally. With Chris Hall.

Born on the Fourth of July. (Holiday Cycle.) On the Fourth of July, the spirit of liberty walks the Earth. Will she survive her journey? With Chris Hall.

Torn from Glory. (Holiday Cycle.) On Armistice Day, ancient enemies are bound to peace for a brief span so that treaties may be made and broken, and the fate of war determined. With Chris Hall.